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All donations Bosque Trails Hospice receives go back into patient care and patient resources.  These funds are for patients and their families who may be experiencing financial hardship during their end-of-life journey.  Some examples of how your donations may be utilized:

  1. Specialty equipment for comfort and care which may not be covered under the hospice benefit

  2. Some household items which may be necessary for activities of daily living, such as cooking or cleaning 

  3. Groceries, toiletries, linens and clothing 

  4. Assistance for loved ones to visit patients in their final stages 

  5. Assistance with Utility Bills 

  6. Assistance with phones or other methods of communication

  7. Maintenance repair services for damaged property which may affect living conditions, such as heating or cooling devices

As we care for patients and their families we sometimes learn of unmet needs for their care.  Your generous donations can help to restore what is missing, often in ways which exceed our patients' expectations. 


303 San Mateo Blvd NE

Suite 104

Albuquerque, NM 87108







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