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Frequently Asked

What is Hospice?

Hospice care is health care that is a Medicare benefit as well as a philosophy that focuses on easing the suffering of terminally ill patients and their loved ones. This suffering may be physical, emotional, social or spiritual in nature. Hospice care strives for the best quality day to day life and does not focus on prolonging life or providing curative treatments.

Do I have to leave my home to get Hospice care?

No, hospice is a service that comes to you wherever you live (at home, nursing facility, assisted living facility). Hospice provides a team of highly trained professionals including a doctor, nurse, social worker, chaplain and others who will visit you and form a care plan that is consistent with your goals.

How do I know if I qualify for Hospice?

If you are ready to stop aggressive treatments with curative intent, to stop going to the hospital or you feel that you are generally having a decline in health, you can talk to your doctor or call and schedule a consult with us to determine if you are eligible. Click here for more information from Medicare about qualification.

Who refers me to Hospice?

You can talk to your doctor about a referral to hospice or you can self refer. You will be contacted to set up a consult where you can meet some of the team and ask your questions. If you are ready, you can sign on then or if you are not ready it can be treated as an informational meeting.

What does Hospice provide?

Hospice is a healthcare benefit that provides benefits related to the terminal diagnosis including medical care by the entire team (physician, nurse, aide, chaplain, social worker, bereavement coordinator and volunteer), medications related to the illness, medical equipment (hospital bed, wheelchair etc) and medical supplies (gloves, wipes, wound care).

How long can someone receive hospice Medicare beneftis?

The hospice benefit includes two 90-day benefit periods followed by an unlimited number of 60-day benefit periods. Hospice patients receive care as long as the doctor and the hospice medical director certify that the patient is terminally ill.

What if my condition improves or I don't want hospice anymore?

Many patients outlive their prognosis, especially when they are able to be home with their loved ones and focus on what is important to them. As long as you continue to meet the Medicare criteria for hospice, our team will continue to care for you in the same way. If you improve to the point of not meeting criteria for hospice, you would be discharged for extended prognosis and can be reenrolled should you worsen. If you do not feel that hospice is right for you or you want to try more aggressive or curative treatment, you can revoke hospice at any time.

How does Bosque Trails Hospice help manage pain?

Our board certified Hospice physician and our highly trained nurses will work to find a regimen of medications and non-pharmacologic therapies to manage your pain. Most patients are able to reach an acceptable level of comfort with a regimen tailored to you. We try to reach your preferred balance of relief and awareness. See more on pain control here.

Does Hospice stop all of my medications?

No. Your Bosque Trails Hospice care team will go through all of your medications and keep all medications that you need to have the best day to day quality of life possible. For example, they would not stop a medication for depression, atrial fibrillation or low thyroid because stopping those could make you feel worse. They may talk to you about stopping medications that are not benefiting you but it will be a conversation with you and your loved ones. 

What happens if I get a urinary tract infection or fall and break something?

Your Bosque Trails Hospice team will provide your general primary care. We will treat infections, if appropriate, with oral antibiotics, we will order xrays if needed and guide you on options if you have a fracture and even manage your insulin if you are a diabetic. Our goal is to give you the best day to day life possible for the time you are with us.

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